Travelogue Pt. 15

The Travelogue series recounts a seventeen-day-long cross-country road trip I took at age 21 with two college friends. We started in Charlotte, NC, and ended up two weeks and 8,000 miles later in Los Angeles, CA. The following is taken verbatim from a handwritten journal I laboriously kept on the trip. Names have been changed, but the rest is absolute, 100%, unedited truth.


June 16

Writing from Mountain View, CA.

This morning woke at Kyle’s in Folsom. Had breakfast there. Katherine was already gone but Cody came out awkwardly right as we were leaving. He’s not a morning person.

Went to downtown Folsom and met Jonathan. Walked around. He took us around and showed us the historic turnstile from when Folsom was a gold town. Took us down to the river and this really old bridge with a funny sign about not driving more than 50 cattle or 200 sheep across at one time. Continue reading “Travelogue Pt. 15”