Need an extra set of eyes?

I’d love to help!

Grammar, punctuation, style, tone, word choice, clarity – whatever you need!

I work in proofreading and copyediting, and I can help you out on whatever project you’re working on. I’m familiar with MLA, Chicago style, and AP style, or I can help you follow any particular guidelines you may have!

I’ve worked with corporations, small businesses, organizations, and individuals to proofread, copyedit, and provide feedback on a variety of documents.

I also love working with students. Got an essay due this week that needs some work? I can help!

You don’t need me to write your paper for you, but I can help you refine whatever you’re working on so you can present the most polished product possible. Big, small, complicated, or simple – I can do it all!

I’m affordable, flexible, and easy to work with!

Contact me to get started! I’d love to hear from you.


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