Jennie’s Wait

The horse entered the scene from the west.

She was a chestnut mare, about five years old, beautiful against the greens of the trees and the greens of the grass, and she was called Jennie.

She was a calm horse with a rich mane and a plodding gait. She seemed content in the way that horses have when they’re on a route they know well with a rider they know better. Continue reading “Jennie’s Wait”


Realignment, pt. 2

That summer, Mac and I got jobs together at a fast food joint. We needed cash.

Abby was hard into the college search already, plus she was getting two allowances, one from each parent, at this point. So she would hang out at the restaurant, and we would eat or hang out with her on breaks and when it was really slow. It was a pretty idyllic summer. Continue reading “Realignment, pt. 2”

Realignment, pt. 1

I have some really good memories from before.


I met Abby in the seventh grade. I don’t remember when exactly, but that was the year all the school zones got realigned, so we ended up at the same middle school. She went out with several of my friends that year, and I was supposed to be dating this girl named Courtney who mostly made me write her notes in class and pay for her movie tickets. But I knew Abby, liked Abby. Everybody liked Abby.

She had a quiet confidence, even then, as a twelve year old, when no one’s got any real confidence. Continue reading “Realignment, pt. 1”

Home Free

“And where is home?” she giggled.

The question hit like a ton of bricks, her weight against him suddenly oppressive. He pushed her away, the feeling rising in the back of his throat. Disgust.

Her face fell, cloudy confusion. “Jake. Where are you going?”

He was halfway to the door, pushing through the sea of people that had never felt so claustrophobic. He could hear her whining where he’d left her, “Jake!” Like a four-year-old. Continue reading “Home Free”

Emma Gray: Part Eleven

I waited after the game with Renee. (We opted out of the post-season speech from Coach Wright; seeing seventeen- and eighteen-year-old boys cry is never fun.) First out were Andy and Bear. The second Renee saw Andy, she was in his arms and they were gone. (“We’re gonna have a talk first,” Renee had said when I asked if they were back together. Yeah, right.) Bear hesitated, then gave me a small wave and wandered off. Lawrie came out not too long after and I ran into his hug.

“Congratulations,” I whispered. Continue reading “Emma Gray: Part Eleven”

Emma Gray: Part Ten

Saturday, June 20th.

High school baseball state playoffs.

Mom and I had spent the night in a hotel with the boys closer to the game, even though it wasn’t supposed to start until 7:00 p.m. I woke up a little after 9:00 to an empty hotel room. After slipping into a pair of jeans and tying my hair into a ponytail, I caught the elevator down to the lobby. Mom was sitting at a corner table, typing away on her laptop. Continue reading “Emma Gray: Part Ten”