Travelogue Pt. 12

The Travelogue series recounts a seventeen-day-long cross-country road trip I took at age 21 with two college friends. We started in Charlotte, NC, and ended up two weeks and 8,000 miles later in Los Angeles, CA. The following is taken verbatim from a handwritten journal I laboriously kept on the trip. Names have been changed, but the rest is absolute, 100%, unedited truth.


June 15

June 13

Woke at 7:15. Left without seeing hosts.

Easy drive to Portland; no traffic b/c it was a Saturday. Came into Chinatown. Red Chinese-style lampposts. Saturday market going on. Huge. Very impressive because it’s weekly. Had to pee so kind of rushed through to find literally the grossest Port-a-Johns ever. Crossed in front of a woman hula hooping for tips. She yelled at us for walking across “her stage” and told us “we’d grow out of it.” Lolz.

Waited in line at Voodoo Doughnuts which is apparently really famous. 30min? Crazy flavors. Got a grape one with sprinkles and a peanut butter Oreo one. Delicious but an episode of Samantha not wanting to wait in line, whining about not getting her way, and then pouting when neither of us bought her one.

Went to Burnside. Or maybe Kerns. Unsure. So. Many. Homeless. It was unreal. It’s like it’s cool to be extremely hipster and perform on the street. Def not really digging it. Dirty and trying too hard. Very foodie.

Walked around a cute neighborhood with nice little houses. Lots of green space.

Went to Pok Pok around 2. Open air restaurant. Northern Thai. Chef Andy Ricker has won a ton of awards. Interesting. Not my fav, also overpriced. Curry wasn’t great but okay. Pork with peanut sauce was banging. Strange ginger carrot salad that was just julienned veggies and dressing. Okay. Overwhelming.

Went to Salt and Straw just down the road for ice cream. Cool food truck flavors that change with the seasons and recreate famous dishes from Portland food trucks. Poutine. Kimchi and rice. I got honey lavender and brownie.

Went to Aunt Alexandra’s. Kind of farmlandish town, but really nice house backing up to a river I never saw. She made us pasta. Great convo except Samantha dropping the B-word several times. So good to spend some genuine time w/ Aunt Alexandra. She made a cake and had berries and ice cream to top it. Delicious. Uncle Justin came home from a grad dinner but was wiped. Helped us map out routes but fell asleep in his chair. Showed Aunt Alexandra pics. Slept in Alexander’s room.


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